Friday, December 24, 2010

Makeup on a Christmas budget part 2!

Hello hello!! Its noche buena a.k.a xmas eve =) and my last chance for this xmas on a budget post lol. Around the same time that I tried e.l.f's liquid liner, I also had bought wet n wild's cream eyeliner in black. It comes in a little pot much like MAC's Fluidline in blacktrack. It also holds about the same amount in the pot, 3.8 grams. It's just as good as blacktrack, if not better. The liner is super creamy which makes it easier to glide on but not toooooo creamy that it makes it crease. And it's a darker shade of black than MAC'S. The liner lasts allllll day and doesnt smudge!! and its about 3.99, maybe cheaper if you catch one of those sales they're always having. I've tried avons gel liner, coastal scents, stilas smudge pots, loreal hip cream liner and of course Mac's fluidline and for the price and quality of this cream liner its definitely top shelf!

I'm kinda glad I was on a makeup budget this xmas =) I've tried a bunch of other drugstore brands that i've been pleasantly surprised by. I think I'll keep searching and trying out some other things at the drugstore and let you guys know about my finds.

Heres a pic of the cream liner today. Btw I used MAC's 263 brush to apply the liner.

(indoor lighting)

(outdoor lighting)

This is the packaging

Long lasting, waterproof, dark color, glides on easily

The brush it comes with is horrible!! It is super rigid and too thick for my little eyes. I suggest the MAC 263 brush if you have small eyes like me.

Anyways tudaloooo everyone!! Have a merry christmas and enjoy your gifts =)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sugarpill FOTD

Hellooooooo!!! It's hump day and it's freezing compared to what us Miamian's are used to. So, the other night I went to a Miami Heat basketball game and thought to myself it would be perfect to wear my sugarpill burning palette e/s. I got so many compliments at the game. Sugarpill e/s are super duper pigmented and they have such bright colors. I honestly get more color payoff with their eyeshadow than MAC sometimes. The texture of the e/s is very smooth and very easy to blend with the exception of the purple. For some reason the purple one is a little hard to blend and doesn't give the same color payoff as the rest. Im definitely going to try using the purple again with another look and see if it gets any easier. If you haven't bought any of the palettes I highly suggest you go to the website
On to some pictures...sorry I only had one with my eye open ;)

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Makeup on a Christmas budget

Happy monday everyone! One day down, only 4 more to go. I don't know about you guys but when the holiday season comes around I have to budget myself when it comes to my makeup purchases. Lately, I've been buying a lot of drug store makeup..since I cant splurge like I usually do. Well, Sunday as I was xmas shopping at Target I noticed E.L.F Liquid liner at $1. I thought to myself...hmm only one dollar, I should give it a shot and boy am I glad I did.

I've been wearing this liquid liner since 7 am and it still hasn't budged and is as bold as it was this morning. I am a believer at this point =) This is a liner I would definitely recommend if you're on a budget and even if you're not!

Here are some pics.

This is how the liquid liner looks

My eye at around 7am..I should've taken one with my eye open whoops!

My eye now at 9 pm

I definitely recommend this to everyone out there, its a win, win situation.


bold, doesn't run, glides on smoothly, long lasting

I wish it came in a bigger size lol

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My everyday go to makeup

Just a video of my favorite makeup products at the time.

ohhhh baby I'm a Rockstar!!

Hello guys! Just wanted to update with a few pics from the look I did for work. We had a rockstar day about two weeks ago. Almost everyone dressed up. It was a nice way to kick off the busy season. I actually won first prize. I had piercings everywhere, that I kept losing throughout the day lol. I love that I got to do some crazy makeup for work. Anyways I used my 42 color double stack from costal scents and then for some shimmer I used WnW's black,red, and silver for highlight from night elf. If you have any questions about anything else just let me know =)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Happy monday!! Only 4 more days left for this work week yayyy!! This is my lotd using WnW holiday palette sugar plum fairy.

Wet n Wild and Sugarpill haul/review

WnW and itty bitty sugarpill haul =)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

venomous villains haul

I forgot about my Youtube channel! =)

I'm blue dabadidabadaaa

Soooo I've finally uploaded pictures from my phone, I got a new camera, my internet is working..there's no excuse for me not to update more often.

I can't remember for the life of me what I used to create this look. I do remember having an awesome night at a UFC fight. The only thing I remember was using Mac's Blue flame, Ricepaper (which is a staple of mine) and NYX lippie and lipliner in tangerine.

WnW Pride LOTD

I've been using quite a lot of my WnW Palettes. About two weeks ago I used the pride palette. I must admit, the second I swatched this palette..I was in love. The palette itself has 3 matte shades and 3 shimmery shades and I pretty much used all of them lol.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

WnW holiday Palettes.

Hello!!! I finally got a camera yayyyy! I actually had a warranty from where I bought the camera (Sears). The associate was soooooo nice, he offered to trade the camera for a different one so I decided to pay more for a better camera and got a Canon =) I walked out a very happy girl. Anyways on to some goodies. Lately Wet n Wild has taken me by surprise. I remember being a teenager walking into walgreens with some lunch money and heading straight to wet n wild and nyc because I didn't know any better lol. After a couple of years I started noticing it really didn't do much for me. Now that they're product has improved my wallet is once happy again lol. Lately, their palettes have had more pigmentation, smoothness, and last longer than ever before. On to the pictures and swatches of Wet n Wild's holiday Palettes.

This is the Night Elf Color Icon Holiday Palette. I'm in love with the reddish brown with green sheen on the bottom left hand corner. It's being considered a possible dupe for MAC's Club. The rest are also pretty and all of them seem to have some shimmer in them.

Purples yippieeeee!!! This is the Plum Fairy Color Icon Holiday Palette. Oh how I love to wear purples lol. I am in love with the plum dark brown with gold flecks! OMG!!! <3333

This is the Golden Goddess Color Icon Holiday Palette. I love golds as well, I have sooo many shades of it though. Well here's to more lol.

I almost forgot about the liners that came with the holiday palettes and some Wet n Wild lipsticks I had bought awhile ago.
The lipsticks are ok, definitely not as good as the pigmentation of the e/s.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Venomous Villains haul!

Elloooo! So again, it's been awhile. First, it was my internet.. It completely shut down on me. Thankfully I got it fixed and it's working magnificently again :) but now my camera which I've had for barely 4 months decides to not work. It first started flickering my fave shade of green and then it just completely stopped working! Thankfully before it stopped working I did 3 Halloween looks. I did a zombie/ dead girl, blue fairy or smurf fairy lmao, and a forest fairy. But that is not what this post is about, I do promise to upload atleast one of looks this weekend! But this post is dedicated to MAC's Venomous Villains. This is my haul. Yayyyy! I was so excited for this collection. I love Disney and their villains. I just wish they would've added Ursula to the collection. Since my camera is broken I will upload a couple of iphone pics and this weekend I will get my hands on someone'scamera and post more goodies lol.


The haul!

top left to bottom
Dark Deed, Violetta, Toxic Tale, Heartless Lippies
Hot House, Revenge is sweet, Strange potion, and Wicked Ways lipglass

Wearing toxic tale, strange potion, sweet joy e/s and de-vil e/s

Wearing Heartless and wicked ways

She who dares me

Brash and bold, De-vil, and sweet joy

De-vil, Vainglorious, an Sweet joy barely lol

De-vil, Vainglorious, Sweet joy

Top Vainglorious, bottom Sweet joy, and De-vil

Bite of my apple