Friday, December 24, 2010

Makeup on a Christmas budget part 2!

Hello hello!! Its noche buena a.k.a xmas eve =) and my last chance for this xmas on a budget post lol. Around the same time that I tried e.l.f's liquid liner, I also had bought wet n wild's cream eyeliner in black. It comes in a little pot much like MAC's Fluidline in blacktrack. It also holds about the same amount in the pot, 3.8 grams. It's just as good as blacktrack, if not better. The liner is super creamy which makes it easier to glide on but not toooooo creamy that it makes it crease. And it's a darker shade of black than MAC'S. The liner lasts allllll day and doesnt smudge!! and its about 3.99, maybe cheaper if you catch one of those sales they're always having. I've tried avons gel liner, coastal scents, stilas smudge pots, loreal hip cream liner and of course Mac's fluidline and for the price and quality of this cream liner its definitely top shelf!

I'm kinda glad I was on a makeup budget this xmas =) I've tried a bunch of other drugstore brands that i've been pleasantly surprised by. I think I'll keep searching and trying out some other things at the drugstore and let you guys know about my finds.

Heres a pic of the cream liner today. Btw I used MAC's 263 brush to apply the liner.

(indoor lighting)

(outdoor lighting)

This is the packaging

Long lasting, waterproof, dark color, glides on easily

The brush it comes with is horrible!! It is super rigid and too thick for my little eyes. I suggest the MAC 263 brush if you have small eyes like me.

Anyways tudaloooo everyone!! Have a merry christmas and enjoy your gifts =)

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