Monday, September 27, 2010

Venomous Villains haul!

Elloooo! So again, it's been awhile. First, it was my internet.. It completely shut down on me. Thankfully I got it fixed and it's working magnificently again :) but now my camera which I've had for barely 4 months decides to not work. It first started flickering my fave shade of green and then it just completely stopped working! Thankfully before it stopped working I did 3 Halloween looks. I did a zombie/ dead girl, blue fairy or smurf fairy lmao, and a forest fairy. But that is not what this post is about, I do promise to upload atleast one of looks this weekend! But this post is dedicated to MAC's Venomous Villains. This is my haul. Yayyyy! I was so excited for this collection. I love Disney and their villains. I just wish they would've added Ursula to the collection. Since my camera is broken I will upload a couple of iphone pics and this weekend I will get my hands on someone'scamera and post more goodies lol.


The haul!

top left to bottom
Dark Deed, Violetta, Toxic Tale, Heartless Lippies
Hot House, Revenge is sweet, Strange potion, and Wicked Ways lipglass

Wearing toxic tale, strange potion, sweet joy e/s and de-vil e/s

Wearing Heartless and wicked ways

She who dares me

Brash and bold, De-vil, and sweet joy

De-vil, Vainglorious, an Sweet joy barely lol

De-vil, Vainglorious, Sweet joy

Top Vainglorious, bottom Sweet joy, and De-vil

Bite of my apple

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