Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MAC's Wonder Woman Collection 2011 haul & swatches

Here it is!! Yayyy... So tonight the bestie and I had an RSVP for the unveiling of WW for 8 pm at Aventura mall. We literally went in got our stuff, (and a drink) and out. It was super packed and hot!

I was pretty excited for this collection, but once I began reading some reviews online the excitement went out the window. I walked out with 4 things. The valiant quad, Athena's Kiss lipglass, Spitfire lipstick and Golden Lariat MSF. I reallllllly wanted the pink power msf but it was sold out because they only had a limited amt. The girl said they only shipped a few of those and would have more later =( but oh well, I know I'll get my hands on it sooner or later.

here are some pics.

The only reason I bought the Valiant Quad is because one of the colors is named Diana Undercover lol. I'm completely dissapointed with the lack of pigmentation in this quad, I had to dig to get a decent swatch with the 2 lighter colors. 40 dollars, so not worth my name on a freaking eyeshadow grrrrr!!!

Doesn't it look like a harmonica? lol

I also got Athena's kiss lipglass, which is obviously sized for angelina jolie's lips and Spitfire lipstick. Athena's kiss is a fuschia pink and looks a lot like electric Fuchsia or hot house (except hot house is darker). Spitfire is a satin, it's beautiful fuchsia color, which will go great with athena's kiss.

Golden Lariat is a Mineral Skinfinish. It has a highlighting, bronzing, and blush side. It's probably my fave part of the collection just because its huuuuge in comparison to other MSF's. The one I really wanted was pink power though =(

All in all, I think Mac needs to step up their game. There's nothing new or exciting about this collection in person except that a lot of it is oversized. The collection is totally dupeable. Cute packaging doesn't make up for lack of quality.

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