Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inglot swatches part 3.

top, left to right
AMC Shine 26 and AMC Shine 25

Bottom, left to right
Pearl 407, Pearl 421

I'm missing two because I had gotten 2 of the same ones =(

left to right
AMC Shine 11, Matte 384, AMC Shine 44, Pearl 414, Pearl 434

Left to right
Pearl 429, AMC 68, Pearl 439

Pigments!!!!! OMG heaven!!! These pictures honestly don't do them justice.
The swatches left to right.
AMC 84,No base, Black base, white base

^ This is Pigment Amc 84 again with only a black base.

AMC 85,No base, Black base, white base.

Left to Right
AMC 58, Blush 30, Blush 29, Blush 34

Sorry but there was no way for me to get the numbers of the lipsticks =(
They're beautiful though and long lasting.

Happy hump day everyone!!


  1. Another INGLOT review! I'm hearing such good things about this brand. I really want to get some shadows but don't even know where to begin! Thanks for posting!

  2. Inglot is amazing! Are there any in ur area? Its my candyland lol ;)