Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inglot Swatches Part 1.

Happy Hump day! We're almost through the work week hooraaaaay!!

So here are 3 of my inglot palettes. I really wish they had name's instead of numbers. But oh well!

First the blue's


Top, left to right.
Matte 372, D.S 504, Pearl 413, AMC Shine 32, AMC Shine 24

Bottom, Left to right.
Matte 371, AMC Shine 33, AMC Shine 05, D.S 480, Pearl 428

The Greens


Top, Left to right.
Pearl 433, Pearl 419, AMC 56, D.S 477, AMC 58

Bottom, Left to right
AMC 59, AMC Shine 41, AMC Shine 16, D.S 474, AMC 60

The purples


Top, Left to Right.
Pearl 440, Pearl 445, AMC 75, AMC 72, AMC Shine 40

Bottom, Left to Right.
Matte 392, Pearl 441, D.S 491, Pearl 446, AMC 62

^^These are all my 10 e/s freedom palettes.

I still need to take pics and swatch my lipsticks, pigments, and 4 e/s freedom palette.

Btw the pigments are ahhhhhmazing...I only got two last time I went but I know once I step foot in Inglot again I will own allll of them!! lol.

Good night =)


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